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Keeping Your Sanity? A Little Pampering Helps.

By some people’s definition, “adjunct” may be synonym for “insanity.” One might agree on those days we are scattered and burdened with oodles of papers to grade. If you have ever eyed a picket-white straitjacket as an alternative to grading assignments, read on for some solutions to the madness. We’ve all had those frantic phone […]

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Jitters. Butterflies. Nerves.

By Melissa Miller, Ed.D., M.Ed. Staying up late to organize binders, notebooks, and supplies – check. Reading and re-reading my students’ names to try to pronounce correctly and memorize – check. Nerves before my first lecture “in front” of the class – check. Feeling prepared to teach my first online class – ask me next […]

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Nuts, Bolts and Other Tools of the Online Teaching Trade

A new academic year and a new direction for Teaching in Pajamas, with a new blogger. Over the next several posts, we will talk about how to make the most of the online environment to give your students the educational resources you think they need.

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The Benefits of the Car-Office: Reflections on a Mobile Adjunct Life

By Helene Matheny There are certainly benefits to working as an adjunct. Using my car as my office is not one of them. Only once in my ten years as an adjunct professor of history have I been offered an actual office to use exclusively — complete with full desk, phone line, laptop, bookshelves and […]

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Why Can’t College Faculty Follow Simple Directions?

The email invitation to blog for went out to about 1,000 part-time faculty registered on the site. The replies came back, some within minutes. The application instructions were exact. Many who responded asked for more information. They didn’t have specific questions; they just wanted “more information.” What more information did they need? The announcement […]

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Who’s Staring Back? “Picture of Girl With Skunk”

By Rich Russell In Blackboard there is a Roster tool, where students (and the professor) can post pictures of themselves, and I encourage (but do not require) students to also do this during the first week, in addition to their written introductions. I qualify, “Please only post pictures of yourself and not someone else. Please […]

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Productive Working Relationships: Who Needs ‘Em? You Do.

There’s a difference for instructors between getting along with students and finding a way to work with them throughout the duration of the class. Instructors who develop meaningful interactions with their students often find that they are also promoting the development of effective working relationships. When students feel that they have a connection with their […]

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The 15 Minute Rule and Other Myths

By Kat Kiefer-Newman I was late. It almost never happens, but this semester I have an eight o’clock class and it’s sometimes difficult to get ready and out of the house in time.  I’m waking up at five a.m. every morning, but waking up isn’t the same as getting out of bed and starting the […]

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Square Peg in a Round Hole? College Culture Shock

I had an interesting conversation with some colleagues recently. By now, I am used to people thinking I am crazy for trying out more than one institution of higher learning. My explanation is that the culture of every college does not always fit my style. Teaching at some colleges can feel like trying to fit […]

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Galloping Inflation in American College Fees. Will Higher Ed Go the Way of GM?

From The Economist: Fifty years ago, in the glorious age of three-martini lunches and all-smoking offices, America’s car companies were universally admired. Everybody wanted to know the secrets of their success. How did they churn out dazzling new models every year? How did they manage so many people so successfully (General Motors was then the […]

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From the Archive

  • Streaming Audio Lectures

    by Evelyn Beck Presentations you’ve been using in the classroom can be brought to life on-line by adding an audio narrative. “It brings the sense of a lecture,” says Les Howles, a senior consultant for the Department of Learning Technology and Distance Education at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. “One thing often lost in on-line instruction is a sense of place, a personality. Illustrated audio brings […]

  • Go Paperless: Put Your Course on CD

    by Judy Lever-Duffy, Ed.D. For faculty who choose to include numerous activities in their courses, one of the most bothersome aspects of preparing for classes is the many and frequent visits to the campus copy center. Whether copying handouts, diagrams, or student activities that a teacher needs to prepare materials, planning sufficient time to turn […]

  • We Need a New Way to Teach Economics

    by John Komlos, PhD Remember the walkout of students from their Principles of Economics class at Harvard a couple of years ago in solidarity with the ‘Occupy” movement? They thought that the economics they were being taught was doctrinaire, failed to provide a balanced perspective on the real existing economy, and did not show sufficient […]

  • Promoting Interactive Peer Learning in an Online Environment

    by Janie Sullivan There are some components of online learning that cause concerns in the world of academia and ivy covered walls. Interactivity between the learners and accountability for the learning are two of those concerns. Accrediting bodies are starting to shift the emphasis from course completion to competency as technology enables more and more […]

  • “Are Canned Courses Impacting Academic Freedom?”

    by Molly McCluskey For some, they’re a blessing: a chance to focus less on course development and more on the actual teaching. For some, they’re a curse: eroding academic freedom and the very fabric of collegiate professordom. Regardless of the perspective, they’re being used more frequently. And the trend doesn’t appear to have an end […]


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