Showing vs. Telling: Twilight Invades My Writing Class

by Kat Kiefer-Newman It was bound to happen in one of my classes. I knew that sooner or later I would be confronted by the fanatical devotion fans have for the Twilight books and movies. Twilight, for the three people in the United States who don’t know, is the first in a series of novels […]

Getting to Know You

My first experience with online learning was in July 2003 as a student. This was before the emergence of online social networking as we know it today.  We were not Linked In and we were not finding all of our long-lost classmates and cousins on Facebook. Students and faculty got to know each other in […]

Student Writing: Old Habits Die Hard, and Other Clichés

As I’ve said before, critical thinking is important, but if the students can’t figure out how to put their ideas down on the page in a readable way, then no one will care if they thought critically. Even if I explain all of this to the students and they agree that learning methods is what […]

Digital Bilingualism: I’m a Mac, and a PC…

I am one of those people, I use a Mac. My schools and online students do not know this, as I am mainstream about most things loaded on it.  I use Safari, but have Firefox loaded for certain application.  I use the MS Office 2008 for Mac, so student papers do not come back in […]