The Frequent Flyer Law and Guilty Secrets

The Boy Scouts of America have a motto that simply says “Be prepared.” There is an adage called “Murphy’s Law” that says “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” If you put this motto and adage together and give it a slightly new twist, you have the Frequent Flyer Law: Be prepared, because anything […]

More Than One Way to Skin a Cat…

A lot of us laboring in the academic salt mines of adjunctdom tend to just keep grinding on, either content with our lot or hoping things will improve on their own. The identity of teacher/professor can be almost hermetically sealed, or close enough that we forget there are options, even options that will allow us […]

How Many Online Courses Is Too Many?

What is the maximum course load that an online instructor should undertake? Does the fact that a person can work at home provide the increased energy and stamina to teach more classes than a face-to-face adjunct? Is there a set saturation point when teaching effectiveness is diminished in the online environment?  I believe there is, […]

Email Overload

How many times have you logged into your college mail accounts only to be overwhelmed by an avalanche of information, and then to realize that none of it pertains to your life as an adjunct? Last week, my husband and I were grading student work and prepping for upcoming classes in our home office. I […]

Where Am I Again?

This morning I was standing in an urban classroom teaching the political ramifications of death for Westerners as viewed through a Japanese lens. In a few hours, I will be teaching college-level writing at a high school (this is a satellite location for a different college) in what is lovingly referred to by residents as […]

Keeping a Sense of Humor: Yes, You Can (and must)

The early weeks of a new semester can be a challenge to smile through when an instructor is on a different campus or college each day. At one college, the books for a new class are coming in to the bookstore, but seemingly, only three at a time. At another college, the parking pass is […]

Yes, I Really Am Working

Teaching online can provide a great deal of flexibility in a workday.  You can teach anywhere and anytime; all you need is a computer and an Internet connection.  Many online adjunct faculty find the flexibility to be one of the biggest benefits of the job, and some are willing to accept lower pay in exchange […]