The Top Ten Reasons It Is Great To Be a Freeway Flyer

I am sure there are more than ten good reasons to be a Freeway Flyer, but here are the top ten, David Letterman style. 10.  Save a fortune on your wardrobe. You can wear the same outfit two days in a row if you go to two different colleges. Professional wardrobes can be expensive, so […]

To Facebook Friend Add or Not….

I am not shy. This was an asset back in the early 90s when I sold computers and corporate network solutions. It’s an asset in the classroom now. Not being shy, though, means that sometimes I may trample over appropriate social boundaries without even realizing it. In my defense, those boundaries seem sometimes to be […]

Be the Voice of the Irritated Edge!

In his recent (2009) book Designing the Smart Organization author Roland Deiser primarily focuses on learning in the corporate environment. In fact, one of his starting points is the claim that traditional models of education (such as those that happen in classrooms) are too limited in both scope and definition. He overstates his case a bit—he […]

The Good, The Bad and The Baby

The first full week of January was a big one for me. I was rested and recovered after two full weeks off from all my teaching, I was teaching my favorite classes, and I became a Grandmother for the first time. Due to the magic of teaching online, I was able to be there through […]

How Not to Burn Bridges (Hey, what is that smoky smell?)

I had planned to write this week about how to avoid burning bridges with colleges if someone has to turn down a class. Then, the phone rang at 8:30 this morning and shortly after, I began to smell smoke. First, some background. This semester was going to be my biggest yet in terms of number […]

And They’re Off!

For many of us, the year opens like gates at a horse racetrack.  To outsiders, it may have seemed like we got a ridiculous amount of time off over the holidays (nine to fivers of my acquaintance worked BOTH Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, the horror) but we know better. This post is about […]

Ready-Set-Go: The Curtain Goes Up On A New Semester

I rushed around this morning trying to find my nice shoes, print out a copy of my lecture notes, grab the textbook, and wolf down something so my stomach wouldn’t rumble. It was the first day of the new semester. I felt equally harried and elated. I wanted to leave early because students tend to […]

Is the Organized Instructor the Effective Instructor? It Helps!

Organization is important for all college instructors, and is especially important for the Freeway Flyer. There are tricks that you can use that may simplify your professional life and make your personal life more relaxed. Color is a wonderful thing – it keeps our world beautiful; it reminds us to watch the sunset and mark […]

Blackboard Addicts Anonymous

Hello, my name is Jodi, and I am a Blackboard addict. If they had a support group for people addicted to their online classrooms, my husband would force me to go. It seems the only time I am not online is when I am driving or sleeping. I use Blackboard as support in every face-to-face […]

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