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Ask A Silly Question. Get A Silly Answer.

Here’s the question: Do full-time faculty members help students finish college? Kevin Carey, a Washington, DC think tank director, posed this question on the Chronicle’s Brainstorm blog. He tells the story of a panel discussion that focused on student success. At that panel, Dr. Cary Nelson, pointed out that colleges with the best student completion […]

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Alternative Faculty, Alternative Writing

As the Internet has flooded its way through every aspect of contemporary life, it has changed many things. One of the things net champions claim as a victory is the proliferation of blogs. According to Technorati’s “State of the Blogosphere 2008” (, at that time there were 900,000 blog posts within the previous 24 hours! […]

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A Mistreated Majority? Meybbee. Meybbee Not.

Over at the OK Corral that is  The Chronicle of Higher Education, they’ve printed a commentary by adjunct Deborah Lewis. Lewis offers several solutions to improve the pay, performance and working conditions for adjunct faculty. I like some of her ideas. Much of what she offers up is insane, mind you, but I like original […]

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Institutional Support, Institutional Change

A few weeks ago I commented on how some of the major academic organizations (Modern Language Association [MLA], National Council of Teachers of English [NCTE]) supported adjunct attendance at their conferences, both financially and rhetorically. I decided to return to that topic and contact some of the institutions involved. Since NCTE posted an email address […]

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25 Percent of Adjuncts Get the Boot

At the University of South Carolina, president Harris Pastides has a $39 million dollar budget deficit. That sounds horrifying to those of us with $39 dollars in our savings accounts. However, It’s exactly 4.5 percent of the $866 million dollar 2008-2009 budget for Pastides’s university system. It’s more dramatic to say $39 million dollars, though, […]

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