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Yes, Virginia, Adjuncts Do Write

Share Several years ago, while I was finishing my dissertation, I was teaching as an adjunct at North Carolina State University. One day while I was walking to my cubicle, I noticed a case tastefully displaying several new faculty publications. One book was in my area, so I contacted a journal and asked if they [...]

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Finally: Why You Got Overlooked For That FT Position!

Share On April 20th, a fellow writing for The Chronicle of Higher Education in a column called the “Two-Year Track” published an essay titled “Why Adjuncts Have an Edge (Except When They Don’t).” Well, well, I thought, finally someone will explain just why adjuncts seem always to get the bum’s rush when it comes to [...]

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Thanks For Killing Time at

Share As I’ve written before, one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is working on our web site. It pleases me no end to provide a much-used resource for the nation’s 700,000 faculty off the tenure-track. In March, we served up about 3 million pages. Better still, our page count per user was [...]

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Same Old Same Old in The Nation

Share By now, mainstream media outlets have published hundreds, if not thousands of pieces about the plight of part-time faculty. On March 31st, The Nation joined the fray with a piece titled, “Higher Education Takes a Hit.” Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s crucial for pieces about part-time faculty to be published in mainstream [...]

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