Guest Blogging at the Chronicle of Higher Education

Just a quick entry to let folks know that I am blogging about part-time faculty at The Chronicle of Higher Education. Click here to read my February 26, 2009 entry. I’m very excited to have an opportunity to blog about part-time faculty there, as some of the entries I read on the site written by […]

Copy Cats

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I suppose. Sometimes, it’s annoying. However, I try to be good-natured and remember that as a publisher I have led the way for the past 18 years on the coverage of issues of importance to the nation’s faculty off the tenure-track. Adjunct Advocate was talking […]

A National Voice for Adjuncts?

Several adjunct faculty, including Keith Hoeller, Ross Borden, Gregory Zobel and Deborah Lewis, have announced the launch of the National Coalition for Adjunct Equity. Ross Borden was quoted as saying, “The new organization ‘is not a substitute’ for the unions.” The group members stressed that the National Coalition for Adjunct Faculty will not engage in collective […]

Mark Bauerlein Sucker Punches Adjunctizators

Evidently, while adjuncts are busy being too busy to ever meet with their students after class, too undedicated to students and jobs to care about it, too busy destroying the fiber of undergraduate education, we’re also contributing to the destruction of the humanities, as well. According to Mark Bauerlein, a professor at Emory University, in […]

Mythology 101

It’s easy to spread rumors. It’s easy to take myths and, by constant repetition, give them the patina of reality. George W. Bush was a master at this artistic skill. There are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Send in the Marines. The same thing is happening in higher education. There […]

Throwing Money Here, There & Everywhere (Just Not At PTers)

I am thinking about sending a letter to President Obama. In it, I will apply to run any bank of his choosing for $400,000 per year. Since adjuncts are used to having more than one job, I thought I might even apply to head two—maybe even three— banks. If I worked at three banks, that […]

Cincinnati PTers Glad to See the Back of Nancy Zimpher

In the February 3rd edition of The New York Times, I read that Dr. Nancy Zimpher, president of the University of Cincinnati since 2003, is heading out east to head the SUNY system. In that job, she’ll oversee some 8,000 part-time faculty employed throughout the 64-campus SUNY system. The SUNY faculty union is an AFT affiliate. […]

Hell YES We’re Competing With Full-Timers

By nature I am somewhat competitive. Let’s just say that if your token lands on Boardwalk and I have a hotel there, you’re not getting a break in the rent, Sweetie. So don’t even ask. I think we can all agree that there are just times when competition is healthy. Salary negotiations is one of […]

A New Adjunct Listserv & “Nation Talk” Podcast

If you don’t have a clue about Listservs, you’re in good company. This Wikipedia entry should give you an idea of what a listserv is, how it works and why you might be interested in subscribing to the brand new Adjunct Listserv (Adjunctlistserv) we just launched. hosted a listserv many years ago, but phased […]