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Laugh, Cry, Hell’s Bells…You Decide

Share Tyler Junior College in East Texas serves 12,000 students. According to the JC’s web site, 250 of its 456 faculty are full-time. For some odd reason, the part-time faculty are getting a pay raise this year. I say for some odd reason, because the part-time faculty per course pay at Tyler Junior College has [...]

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No Conflicts at CCCCs This Year

Share I am presenting at the March 2009 National Council of English Teacher’s CCCCs Conference in San Francisco. I just visited the NCTE’s web site and used their great conference event scheduler tool to check out what’s on tap at the conference when I am free. I spent way too much time searching through the [...]

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Red Fish, Blue Fish, New Caucus CUNY-PSC, Old Caucus CUNY-PSC

Share Adjuncts at CUNY are getting the short end of the stick in the currently proposed contract, and Steve London and Barbara Bowen are acting like CUNY-PSC Old Caucus party hacks. Life is always interesting in the Big Apple. Steve London is the First Vice President of CUNY-PSC union, AFT Local 2334, a member of [...]

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When’s Some Adjunct Group Gonna File a Lawsuit?

Share In my last entry, I mentioned the common practice of higher education union affiliates negotiating equal percentage raises for both full-time and part-time faculty. As if on cue, AFT Local 2067, representing 345 full-time and part-time faculty at the Community College of Allegheny County, proudly announced that union negotiators had hammered out a new [...]

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Managing Adjunct Faculty

Share AFT’s Craig Smith is at it again. On July 17th, he “discovered” the book Managing Adjunct Faculty, a book published by our company the Part-Time Press. We bought the copyright to the book from Dr. Donald Greive in 2003. He wrote the book along with his colleague Catherine A. Worden. Don Greive was a [...]

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SoCafe’s Business Model SoSucks

Share Ok, “sucks” is a totally immature way to respond to anything, but geez (insert eye rolling here and that pffffft sound), a company that wants to charge adjuncts $395 for certification in “10 core competencies?” Is that like the Ten Commandments of Adjunct Teaching? 1. I am the Dean your Dean 2. You shall [...]

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