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Working the Phones


Listen to my blog entry here. I have this disconcerting habit of answering the phone in a way that makes people think they have reached an answering machine. It’s somewhat embarrassing. “Good afternoon, this is the Adjunct Advocate and Part-Time Press.” Invariably, there is a pause on the other end of the line. After a […]

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Mazel Tov!


Junior or external (temporary) lecturers in Israel, of whom I have written about here, in January 2008, and here are celebrating this week. In May, Israel’s 5,000 temporary lecturers began a series of revolving work stoppages to protest their low pay, lack of job security and benefits. The lecturers, who belong to a union that […]

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When Will We Learn?


Today, at, and on the AFT Face Talk blog, we have the makings of a bona fide tizzy. Ms. Margaret West lost her job as a part-time faculty member after 21 years of employment at Edmonds Community College in Washington State. Take a deep breath, and let’s unbunch our collective bloomers for a moment. […]

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Memorial Day


I want to wish a thoughtful and reflective Memorial Day to all of the Adjunct Advocate’s readers, and all of the visitors who come and use the resources at Memorial Day was established in 1866 as “Decoration Day”—to honor the dead of the Civil War by decorating their graves. After World War I, it […]

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Putting Your Mouth Where Your Money Is


In Adjunct Advocate’s May/June 2006 “Colleagues Abroad” issue there was a piece about part-time and contract faculty in India. The piece, titled “The Three Dollar Professor: Teaching Ad Hoc in India,” was an eye-opening first-time look at the use of part-time faculty in India. The higher education system in India is only slightly smaller than […]

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Denouement in CA: Force People to Pay? Why Not Inspire Them Instead?


Mark Miller is the President of the part-time faculty union at Allan Hancock College, in California. I recently read a piece he wrote titled “In Defense of Unions,” about talking to a member of his unit who rang him up to express her opposition to union leaders having negotiated what is called an “agency fee.” […]

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I’m Flattered (I Think)


Listen to my blog entry here. Just a couple of hours after posting my blog piece that mentions selling Adjunct Advocate, over at the American Federation of Teachers Craig Smith had this to say. Well, kind of this to say. He offers my blog posting without comment. Then, he asks his readers to guess who […]

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Spring Brings Change

This has been a very busy Springtime for me. Anyone who lives in a northern climate can tell you that when the weather changes from snow, sleet and ice, to warm breezes, sun and gentle rains, it’s tough to keep your nose to the grindstone. This past winter, my part of the state of Michigan […]

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A Cheeky Plea For Faculty Unity


If you haven’t noticed from my past entries that I like a bit of cheekiness (well, maybe even a lot of cheekiness), then you’re not reading my entries closely enough. Failure to read closely is the kind of thing that can you into serious trouble. Like when you email to your student: “I want that […]

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Competing Head-to-Head, or the Tarnished Dozen at NYU


Congratulations to the adjunct faculty at NYU who won Outstanding Teaching Awards last week. The Outstanding Teaching Award is a sub-category of NYU’s “Golden Dozen,” competition. The Golden Dozen awards are given out by the College of Arts and Sciences and, according to this article in the NYU News, “recognize tenured professors, clinical faculty and […]

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