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A COCAL Make-over: The Beehive Hair-do Is Out and Free Technology Is In!

If you’ve never heard of COCAL, check out this piece in Adjunct Advocate, and this site, as well. In August of this year, COCAL is holding its eighth conference. I stopped by the group’s web site to have a look, and I heard the calendar of events was up. Evidently, there is no information architecture […]

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CCCCs in San Francisco (2009)

Greg Zobel, who writes the blog for Bedford St. Martin’s web site, and a blog we featured in our piece on adjunct bloggers in the January/February 2008 issue of Adjunct Advocate recently invited me to participate in a workshop he’s putting together for the CCCCs annual conference in San Francisco. The CCCCs organizers may well […]

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The Pamphlet Police at Wayne State University

For the past few weeks, I have been watching the HBO series “John Adams.” I’m a history buff, who narrowly escaped enrolling in a Ph.D. program in history. I recently returned from a conference in Philadelphia, one of my favorite cities. I do the same thing every time I go to Philly. I take the […]

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Academe’s Titan Steaming Toward the Iceberg

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“Anti-Union” (Translation: “Bitch”)

In a piece recently written for Inside Higher Ed, the writer calls Washington State part-timer and long-time national adjunct activist Keith Hoeller’s writing “anti-union.” I read and read and re-read the IHE posting. The writer calls Hoeller’s writing “anti-union rhetoric”again in the comment section. Something bugged me about the comment. Then it hit me. The […]

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Report from AACC: Adjuncts are in, Sweetie

Listen to my blog entry here. I am currently in Philadelphia. We displayed the books published by the Part-Time Press at the annual conference of the American Association of Community Colleges. I visit between two and four conferences a year as either an exhibitor or participant. I came to AACC because our professional development books […]

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The 64-14 Split at AAUP Means Part-Timers Should Look Elsewhere For Help

Both of the candidates running for President of the American Association of University Professors are self-identfied “contingents.” I am not going to rehash that convo again. Since both of the candidates for president have said that the AAUP needs to increase revenue and then use that money to organize part-time faculty, I thought it would […]

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“Keep Adjuncts Away From Intro. Courses” Trumpets The National Enquirer (Chronicle) of Higher Education

In this week’s Chronicle of Higher Education, there is an article written by David Glenn and headlined “Keep Adjuncts Away From Intro Courses, Report Says.” The editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education, Jeffrey Selingo, obviously saw nothing wrong with the offensive title. The piece is about research by a University of North Carolina faculty […]

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Can P/T Faculty at Wayne State University Win Job Security?

Listen to my blog entry here. In the most recent issue of Adjunct Advocate (which will be posted today), we have a wonderful interview with Susan Titus, president of the new part-time faculty union at Wayne State University. The part-timers’ union recently began bargaining its first contract with the administration, and the group has hit […]

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