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The Denial Twist

Share Listen to my blog entry here. By now, if you haven’t already heard about it, you must be very busy with grading papers. The “it” to which I am referring is the Preliminary Report from the New York Commission on Higher Education. The United University Professions, (UUP) spent quite a bit of time “urging” [...]

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Hiring Like You Mean It

Share Craig Smith over at the AFT published a blog entry recently that talked about making the process for hiring part-time faculty as rigorous as that used when conducting searches for tenure line faculty. Before you scream, hear me out. Right now, part-time faculty are perceived and treated as completely dispensable. Why? Partially, because it’s [...]

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What’s Good for the Goose, is Good for the Junior Lecturer

Share I have written several times about the senior lecturers’ strike in Israel. It ended after 90 days. According to this article in the Jerusalem Post The lecturers didn’t get the 25 percent pay raise they demanded, but did land a healthy 15.3 percent raise effective immediately, as well as a “future wage erosion mechanism [...]

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Monday Morning

Share Listen to my blog entry here. I spent Sunday morning filing out my tax forms. I actually don’t mind doing it. It’s just that it takes so much time. We use a computerized accounting program for personal finances, and that makes it exponentially easier to gather together the necessary data. I try to envision [...]

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Back at University

Share Listen to my blog entry here. When I finished my graduate degree in creative writing, I promised myself I would not be one of those perpetual students. You know the type: they double-majored as undergrads. and hold three graduate degrees in wholly unrelated fields. They just like being students. Graduate school was somewhat harrowing [...]

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Writing to the Other Editors

Share Listen to my blog entry here. I just finished reading the November/December 2007 issue of Academe. It is published by the American Association of University Professors for the membership, around 40,000, most of whom are, not so oddly, white, tenure-line and men. Not that AAUP hasn’t been trying to organize part-time faculty. I just [...]

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What’s Up With Pace and NYSUT? WTF?!?

Share Call me naive, but I just don’t understand how university officials can be such, well, jerks. I suppose it’s my general faith in the goodness of humans that gets me into this spot every time. I had the same reaction when the president and his posse over at George Washington University did everything except [...]

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You May Be Right (I May Be Crazy)…

Share I spend a lot of my time working on our webpage, several hours each week. It has been my goal over the course of the years to automate as much of the work as possible. That’s why you can sign yourself up to receive the e-Advocate Newsletter, for instance. The weekly email newsletters go [...]

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Israeli Lecturers Dodge a Bullet (For Now)

Share I have been writing about the lecturers’ strike in Israel over the course of the past few weeks. The strike, now in its 84th day, is approaching a critical point. On January 14th, an Israeli judge, according to an article in the Jerusalem Post refused to issue a back-to-work order for the striking lecturers. [...]

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Tuesday Morning

Share I am feeling much better. Fever’s gone; I actually went out to dinner last night. This morning, I read that the adjuncts at George Washington University had finally nailed down a new contract. It has been a long, long, long, long process for those adjuncts at GW who set out to organize a union [...]

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