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Letters to the Editor

Share “Eating Well in Academe” To the Editor: When I read your recent report on adjunct pay (“Eating Well in Academe, Adjunct Advocate, July/August 2006), I had to laugh. I live in Texas. I am lucky as a community college teacher to get more than $1,600 per course. $3,000-$7,000?! I could actually make a living [...]

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The Electronic Myth of Sisyphus

Share by Doug Mann Our electronic times are out of joint. The bodies and minds of both educators and students have been snatched by the growing wave of virtual culture. Every day thousands of professors, TAs and students wake up to a growing list of email demands imposed on them by friends, colleagues and superiors. [...]

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An Adjunct in the Real World: Or, Ten Reasons to Leave Your Higher Degree(s) Off Your Résumé

Share by Jude Fawley On the second day of my last full-time (temporary) job, my shift manager, “Frank,” pulled up a chair and leaned in close. He wanted to know a little more about me. When I mentioned that I’d taught college for over ten years, he caught me by surprise by asking, “So you [...]

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More Questions than Answers: A Review of Aiding Students, Buying Students and 147 Practical Tips for Teaching Diversity

Share by Mark Drozdowski I’m always eager to sink my reviewing teeth into a new book on higher education, yet somehow the prospect of digesting one on the history of financial aid didn’t initially thrill me. While important, financial aid doesn’t rank among the sexiest topics. But Rupert Wilkinson pulls it off with his new [...]

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A review of The UnCivil University

Share reviewed by Elizabeth Warren As a child growing up in a small town in the South, I had little knowledge of anti-Semitism. All I knew about Israel came from reading a paperback copy of Leon Uris’s Exodus. While my knowledge has increased over the decades, the novelty of the subject made me approach my [...]

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“Rapscallions, Scoundrels and Scallywags (aka College Students)”


Share by P.D. Lesko and Elizabeth J. Carter In the January/February 1994 issue of Adjunct Advocate, we interviewed Dr. Donald McCabe, then Founding President of the Center for Aca- demic Integrity (CAI). When we interviewed Dr. McCabe, his Center had just 50 member schools. We talked to him about his groundbreaking research into academic dishonesty [...]

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The TKO of Washington State House Bill 5802

Share by Brooke Pielli Bill 5802 should have been on the fast track to passage and signing. Fifteen state senators and the American Federation of Teachers sponsored it. According to Keith Hoeller, Washington’s 7,900 part-time faculty would certainly have benefited. Hoeller, is the co-founder of the Washington State Part-Time Faculty Association, and a member of [...]

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Collective Bargaining But Were Afraid to Ask

Share by Michael Mauer Particularly for private sector workers, both the legal and political obstacles to forming a union have become quite formidable in recent years. As a result, unions increasingly seek to bypass the process set out in labor law for filing for an election with the appropriate government agency. Instead, the strategy is [...]

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Getting the Tap: Securing Continuous Online Work

Share by Steven N. Pyser, J.D. Whether from playing varsity football, neighborhood dodge ball, or attending the eighth grade dance with great optimism, we all remember the awkward moment waiting for an affirming tap on the shoulder–the signal one has been selected. Fast-forward the calendar. You are a credentialed, well-qualified and competent online faculty member. [...]

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The Myth of the Stupid American

Share by Elizabeth J. Carter In a recent poll taken on the website, we asked our visitors to tell us whether they think anti-intellectualism is on the rise. A startling 86 percent said yes. Our poll format does not allow voters to append their yeas, nays, and maybes with written explanations, but, in this [...]

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