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Letters to the Editor

Time-Saving Tips The May/June 2005 issue of Adjunct Advocate carried an article by Evelyn Beck, hyped by editors as “Time-saving tips for faculty who teach on-line. Read ’em and rejoice” (“20 Time-Saving Tips For Faculty Who Teach Distance Education Courses“). A number of these “tips” not only advocate outright unethical conduct, but also display a […]

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Surprises in the Academy (Not!)

by P.D. Lesko News Flash: A Department Education study has found that 62 percent of college faculty with full-time jobs are men. Of the 1.2 million college faculty employed in the United States, 80 percent are white. Shocking news. I know. Especially for the part-time faculty out there, 48 percent of whom are women. Between […]

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The Phone Call

by Kimberley Glover AFTER TEACHING ON-LINE for four years, I have come to expect that my phone will ring several times on Sunday night around 11:30 p.m., just half an hour before weekly assignments and exams are due. Occasionally, I’ll receive a call mid-week from a student who has disappeared from the course for several […]

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Why Do I Do It? Good Question!

by Susan Mazur-Stommen, Ph.D. I HAVE A DEEP-SEATED prejudice against people from certain states, those that tend to vaunt creationism over evolution, for instance. I have a solid suspicion that the legislatures and governors of those states just aren’t as invested in education as they should be, and therefore, their citizen-students pay the penalty. Suffice […]

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As the Boy Scouts Always Say: “Be Prepared”

by Evelyn Beck When it comes to computers, count on Murphy’s Law: if something can go wrong, it will. So to avoid crises ranging from delayed access to destroyed data, plan ahead. Here are a few tips (which you will probably also want to share with your students): Virus protection Virus protection software is a […]

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Getting Started: A Pair of Books for New Teachers

by Erika Dreifus, Ph.D. It’s natural for beginning teachers to seek advice—where else?—in books. Peter Filene’s Joy of Teaching: A Practical Guide for New College Instructors, and James M. Lang’s Life on the Tenure Track: Lessons from the First Year provide two recent additions to the how-to literature for new instructors. Both Filene, professor of […]

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Iowa State Faculty Senate Debates Tenure For Adjuncts

THE FACULTY SENATE at Iowa State University is looking to create part-time tenure-track positions and adjunct instructor changes. Senate members hope to establish a policy that would create guidelines for how part-time faculty can gain tenure at Iowa State. Currently, there is no policy, and tenure is limited to only full-time faculty. Jack Girton, Faculty […]

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Faculty Member Sues PCC Union Over Agency Fees

AN ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR at Pasadena City College has filed a lawsuit against the PCC teachers’ union over a recent move to charge all faculty members, not just union members, a share of costs incurred by the union. Chemistry instructor Rich McKee is arguing that the union hasn’t justified the fees it is charging and that […]

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And Speaking of Not Asking the Adjuncts…

FOR SEVERAL WEEKS in May, the George Washington University officials circulated a survey among workers in hopes that the institution would be nominated the best place to work in greater D.C. by the Washington Business Journal. However, some employees failed to receive the memo. Over 1,000 part-time faculty, who have recently unionized to combat low […]

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Is Harper College a Great Place to Work? Don’t Ask the Adjuncts

PART-TIME FACULTY MEMBERS at Harper College who have been negotiating with administrators to get a union contract are upset because they weren’t included in a recent survey of job satisfaction. The survey was circulated in April, said Arlene Bublick, President of the Harper College Adjunct Faculty Association. The Association has been in negotiations with the […]

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From the Archive

  • Old School Tactics At The New School

    by Melissa Doak Decent minimum salary levels. Fair rules governing the assignment of courses. Clear evaluation and observation policies. Compensation for office hours, academic advising, and committee work. Affordable health insurance. An end to limits on the number of courses an adjunct can teach each semester. Sound like an impossible wish list? Part-time faculty at […]

  • A Quick Guide to the Web’s Best Grant Writing Resources

    by Mark J. Drozdowski STRIP AWAY MY adjunct teaching status, my highfalutin administrative title and my freelance activities, and I’m basically a grant writer (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’ve been writing grants for more than a dozen years, and in that time I’ve come to appreciate what constitutes good form. When I […]

  • Just as Union Contract Set to Expire, GW Prez Announces Push to Cut PTers’ Jobs

    by Janna Paramore It took seven years for the over 1,000 adjunct faculty at George Washington University to force the college’s president to recognize their SEIU-affiliated local. Adjuncts at GW unionized in 2007 against a groundswell of administrative opposition, including a legal battle. Since then, they have negotiated three contracts to raise adjunct salaries by more […]

  • Will Northern Michigan University Adjuncts Join the AAUP?

    by Shaina James The Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) will send out ballots to qualifying adjuncts to vote on gaining union representation on Monday, October 3, 2011. One hundred adjuncts are qualified to vote in the election. In order to win representation, a majority of the total votes must be in favor of the accretion. […]

  • A Review of the Blue Angel

    by Janice Albert IN HER LATEST novel, Blue Angel, Francine Prose updates a 1905 story by Heinrich Mann in which an entertainer, Lola Lola, fascinates and then ruins Professor Rath, who gives in to his obsession for her. Francine Prose moves the story to a small, expensive college in Vermont. Her professor is Ted Swenson, […]


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