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A Tale of Gluttony and Greed in California

I was so angry and frustrated after I read the May/June 2004 cover story that I could have spit nails. Millions and million and millions of dollars of part-time faculty equity pay given over to full-time faculty in California. Can someone tell me why this doesn’t make the front page of the Los Angeles Times? That the faculty unions did this demonstrates precisely why full- and part-time faculty should never be represented by the same bargaining unit. Full-time faculty union officials, for the most part, simply cannot be trusted to do what is ethical and right. I am deeply disturbed by these revelations of betrayal and greed.

Zack S. D’Antonelli
Los Angeles, CA

I recently picked up a copy of the Adjunct Advocate in the teacher’s lounge at one of the college’s where I teach part-time. I flipped through the issue not intending to do anything other than read a page or two before my class. Thirty minutes later, I finished reading “A Tale of Gluttony and Greed.” I don’t teach in California, but if I did I would be screaming bloody murder about the equity pay that has been given to the state’s full-time faculty. Teaching may be teaching, but only an idiot could ever believe that full-time faculty who teach overload courses deserve to be paid from the part-time faculty equity pay fund. The part-time faculty at in the Los Angeles District should band together and vote union president Carl Friedlander out of office. If he really believes the “same work should carry the same pay,” why don’t the part-time faculty all earn $50,000 a year?

I have never heard anything so blatantly dishonest in my life. The California legislature should demand that the unions repay the money given to full-time faculty from the Part-Time Faculty Equity Fund.

Beverley Petrauskis
Columbus, OH

Maybe Joaquin Rivera should be appointed Chancellor of the California Community College system. At least he understands that part-time faculty equity pay is supposed to go to the part-time faculty. Marshall Drummond should be forced to account for every penny of the money given to the community college system by the legislature for part-time faculty. Then, he should be fired for incompetence.

Dave Smith
San Mateo, CA

Money, money, money. If part-time faculty get $114 million to raise salaries above the level of poverty, the full-time faculty have to take a quarter of it. It’s hard to read something like this, and not feel like labor unions are all corrupt. Congratulations to the full-time faculty in California’s community colleges. Not only do you have adjuncts to do your grunt work, you can steal their lunch money, as well, with the help of your unions, college administrators, lobbyists, and legislators. It’s a scandal and a shame.

Lou Fong
New York, NY


I am a workaholic, as well. Shari Dinkins isn’t the only workaholic out there. In fact, I suspect she is in good company. Many, many of the part-time faculty who work in my department could be categorized as workaholics.

Jennifer Cranston
Buffalo, NY

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