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10 Years and Counting

by P.D. Lesko Whenever I hire a new writer, I always make a point of telling the individual that my desire in publishing the Adjunct Advocate is not to simply report on what has happened, but rather to anticipate trends before they become national news. I like to believe I am a forward thinker. The most […]

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The Age of Impatience

by Howard Good It seems to me–granted, I’m a cranky person–that we often look in the wrong places for the right things. Want to raise student achievement? Put computers in the classroom. Want to make schools more accountable? Mandate high-stakes testing. Want to improve teaching? Abolish tenure, or increase teacher salaries, or both. No matter […]

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Evaluating Evaluations


by Chris Cumo The semester’s end has a routine of its own centered on final exams and grade tabulations. But no part of the routine carries more weight than teaching evaluations. Bad ratings will cost adjuncts their jobs at Georgia State University, said Educational Policy Studies assistant professor Mary Beth Gasman. Administrators expect both full- […]

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The Student Body: Short Stories About College Students and Professors


by Vicki Urquhart If ever a book cover belied its contents The Student Body: Short Stories About College Students and Professors does. Don’ t be put off by the title and the unfortunate choice of headless torsos used as cover art. Beyond these obstacles is a collection of funny, sad, sardonic, self-effacing, and tender tales. […]

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Grades Are Too High in the Academy, But Are Adjuncts To Blame?


by Chris Cumo Part-time faculty should think twice before marking up a stack of essays. An adjunct lecturer at Southern Connecticut State University, who spoke on condition of anonymity, suspects she lost a part-time stint at another college because she wouldn’t hand out As and Bs to students who hadn’t earned them. But she can’t […]

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The Adjunct Advocate: 10 Years of Adjunct Advocacy


by P.D. Lesko In September of 1992, the Adjunct Advocate debuted. The magazine, a slim 20 pages, had no display advertising and led off with a cover story titled “Health, Wealthy & Wise”: Finding Affordable Health Care.” The issue also featured the very first “Reportcard.” The feature, as we explained it to readers back then, “focuses on individual schools, […]

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Putting Together a Roadside Emergency Kit


by P.D. Lesko Have you ever been in this scenario? It’s 7 a.m.; you’re driving to your first class of the day. You know in an instant that something’s wrong. Controlling the vehicle becomes increasingly difficult and you ease the car to the side of the road. Getting out, you see that the left rear […]

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Hybrid Courses


by Evelyn Beck As distance education evolves from a totally on-line environment plagued by higher-than-average attrition rates, more options may make it easier for students to find the right match for the way they learn best. And many advocates say that increasingly popular hybrid courses may be the ideal approach to combine the best features […]

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Teaching English in France: Bonne Chance Mes Amis


by Jason Neiverth Every once in a while, in the middle of my day, I find myself suddenly transfixed, unable to move. A half-chewed morning croissant rests deliciously inside my now-still mouth. I stare straight ahead at the sun shining against the distant mountains, amidst a city laden with culture and history, culinary geniuses, and some of the […]

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Chemeketa Community College Cuts Adjunct Jobs to Balance Budget

Chemeketa Community College will cut 20 percent of its courses taught by part-time faculty this fall to balance its budget. The reduction will save about $700,000, but it will mean between 350 and 400 fewer class sections this year at the school’s main northeast Salem campus and smaller sites across the Mid-Willamette Valley. Chemeketa officials […]

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