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Adjunct Health Care Gets a Hearing in Boston

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Elgin CC Adjuncts Lose Option to Self-Insure

Share by TAA Staff WITH MANAGED HEALTH care and retroactive pay increases included, Elgin Community College released its tentative two-year contract agreement with its faculty union on July 17th. ECC’s faculty union voted to ratify the contract that same week, and shortly thereafter the board of trustees did the same. Though several issues, including pay [...]

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P/Timer Hiring Practices Derail CSU Union Negotiations

Share by TAA Staff A LAST DITCH effort by the California Faculty Association to avert impasse failed July 16 when the CSU Administration Team refused to modify its position on several issues of importance to faculty. Instead, Administration bargainers presented a list of demands for changes to 18 contract articles, most of which had been [...]

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Mount St. Vincent Part-Timers Reject Contract Offer

Share by TAA Staff THE UNION REPRESENTING part-time faculty at Mount Saint Vincent University has rejected a “final offer” from the university by a vote of 100 percent. The main outstanding issue is wages. The part-time faculty are looking to achieve wage parity with their counterparts at Saint Mary’s University, who settled a new contract [...]

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Share by P.D. Lesko WHEN VISITING ROME, Italy, one notices the letters S.P.Q.R. on most every modern drain cover. The correct Latin translation is, of course, “Senatus Populus Que Romanus,” or “The Senate and People of Rome.” I once asked a group of Italian friends whether the “and” in that phrase implies a united group, [...]

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The Rollercoaster of Remediation

Share by Jennifer Block Bradner YOU PARK YOUR car in the parking lot. You approach the ticket window. You purchase a ticket and enter the gates. You have arrived and the amusement park and all its trappings are yours for the enjoying. And then you see it. The sign that reads “You Must Be This [...]

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Soul Work and Thunderstorms

Share by Lee Shainen LIVING IN THE desert where the annual rainfall is perhaps ten inches, one paradoxically, learns a lot about rain. Considering that all of the rain falls in two distinct and short seasons, one also learns to distrust annual averages. We have winter rains and summer rains with only a rare surprise [...]

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A Review of Ghosts in the Classroom

Share by Diane Calabrese Ghosts in the Classroom: Stories of Adjunct Faculty and the Price We All Pay, Edited by Michael Dubson, Camel’s Back Books, 2001, Boston, MA IS THE ANTECEDENT of the “we” in the title the population at large (probably) or the ghosts in the classroom (possibly)? Assume the former, and the title [...]

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What does the UAW Want With America’s Professorate?

Share by Andrew Williams YOU’VE FINALLY DECIDED to take action. The class cancellations and last minute re-hirings, low wages, second class status are no longer tolerable. But rather than leaving a profession you love, you decide to improve the job you already have. Before you know it, you’ve called some colleagues whom you suspect feel [...]

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Make Sure You Have a CV or Résumé That Travels Well

Share by Mary Anne Thompson INTEREST AMONG SEASONED professionals in pursuing international careers has skyrocketed in recent years. Such interest has been enhanced by chronic personnel shortages in home markets that are causing foreign companies to search beyond their borders for talent. These candidates aren’t passively waiting to be hired by just any employer. They’re [...]

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