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The $700 Blue Light Special

by P.D. Lesko I WANT TO have lunch with Manfredi La Manna. Anyone who can price a journal subscription at $700 and come out looking like the guy in the white hat is someone I’d love to meet. That’s right, Dr. La Manna, founder of the Electronic Society for Social Scientists (ELSSS), was recently quoted […]

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The Perils of Publishing

by Chris Cumo WERE GOD AN Ivy Leaguer, his 11th commandment would be publish or perish. The words reverberate through academic libraries and archives. In the Darwinian competition for jobs and promotions, ostensibly victory crowns the scholar with the longest Curriculum Vitae. Sociologist Pierre van den Berghe, himself the author of seven books, admits in […]

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Adjunct Power

by Lee Shainen CONVENTIONAL WISDOM DICTATES that adjuncts have no power; their voices are not heard, except in the classroom. The voice of unconventional wisdom says, au contraire. Watch out now; I’m going to display a small bit of adjunct power right before your eyes. Sunglasses and sunscreen are highly recommended. Ready? Okay, imagine this: […]

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Taking Courses at the Local APM

by Bob Robinson IT’S 7:30 A.M. You polish up your term paper (actually, you fill in the blanks on the cover page of the paper you purchased on-line), copy it onto a floppy, throw on your coat and rush out the door, mumbling something about being late for work. You rush down to the nearest […]

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A Review of Moving a Mountain

by Diane Calabrese Moving a Mountain Transforming the Role of Contingent Faculty in Composition Studies and Higher Education Edited by Eileen E. Schell and Patricia Lambert Stock 2001–National Council of Teachers of English, Urbana, Illinois A CONCORDANCE FOR this volume would be a bit dreary. Words such as exploit, fight and complain would rank among […]

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Twins Teach in Moldova

by Pamela Dillon WHEN JENNIFER AND KATHLEEN Sooy were growing up in Centerville, Ohio, they spent many hours discussing politics around the dinner table. There was much to debate: foreign affairs, the Vietnam War and Watergate. They’ve shared everything, but most of all their interest in law and politics. That interest ultimately led to political […]

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Supplemental Income: Opportunities

by Evelyn Beck THOSE OF US who teach on-line courses may not be the ones who revolutionized education, but we are among those leading the way as the rest of our peers are pulled with varying levels of enthusiasm into the brave new world of web learning. As a result of our place at the […]

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Interview: Peter Temes

by Chris Cumo Peter Temes received his B.A. in literature and philosophy at the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1988. After graduation he attended Columbia University, where he earned an MFA in creative writing in 1989, an M.A. in literature in 1990, an M.Phil. in 1992 and a Ph.D. in American literature […]

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Trading in the Lectern for the Office


by Chris Cumo MARY JO SOUTHERN once taught English as an adjunct in North Carolina. Since then she has spent 20 years in textbook publishing: 9 years as a sales representative for several publishers and the last 11 as editor at HarperCollins, Prentice Hall and Houghton Mifflin. Today she is senior sponsoring editor for developmental […]

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Guggenheim Winners

by Chris Cumo Steve Keister An abstract sculptor, Guggenheim winner Steve Keister has immersed his art in the geometric shapes of antiquity. While a junior at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, he spent 1969 in Rome, where he reveled in the solemn grandeur of the relics of a once formidable empire. “It was heaven […]

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