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When Winning is Everything

by P.D. Lesko BY NOW, BOBBY KNIGHT has pretty much completed the talk show circuit. He answered the same 10 questions a thousand times over. I do have one question, though. What’s Indiana going to do for Murray Sperber now that he has decided to return to campus? Maybe the institution’s president, Miles Brand, will […]

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by Brian Caterino THE POLITICS OF the Internet often defy conventional classification. Take the Napster dispute. Supporting the large media conglomerates is the heavy-metal rock group Metallica. They oppose free music distribution because it deprives musicians of sales and royalties. Representing the last gasp of garage-band anarchism, Courtney Love posts free MP3 files of her […]

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Diversity Dimentia

by Lee Shainen HAVE YOU EVER participated in a hiring process that was disbanded for lack of a diverse candidate pool? I have. It is enormously frustrating for everyone involved. The bad taste of this experience led me to volunteer to serve on an ad-hoc committee appointed to review hiring procedures at my college. However, […]

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Coursenote Web Sites: A Frightening Look Into the Minds of College Students Nationwide

by Laurie Henry WHO KNOWS WHAT goes on in other people’s classes? At other jobs where there are a whole lot of people in one place doing more or the less the same thing, it’s not hard to know what everyone’s up to. On the other hand, teaching generally takes place behind closed doors. One […]

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A Review Teaching Tips (10th Edition)

by Janice Albert EVERYTHING ABOUT Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research and Theory for College and University Teachers (Houghton Mifflin, 10th edition), by Dr. Wilbert McKeachie, suggests that it was originally intended for the beginning college-level teacher or teaching assistant. Now in its tenth edition, Teaching Tips is not so much one book as an anthology written […]

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Traveling the Globe With Your Students

by Jeannie Barry-Sanders RIDE ON A GONDOLA, waltz on the Piazza San Marco at midnight, or spend the evening riding a vaporetto (waterbus) the length of the Grand Canal. Or visit a Fulani village in West Africa, where the environment is so friendly and peaceful that nonverbal communication transcends the spoken word. History, art, music, […]

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Should You Be a Guru or a Freeagent?

by Chris Cumo ALL GRADUATION SPEECHES come in the same cookie-cutter mold. Every speaker, whether at Georgetown, San Diego State University, Texas A & M or Oberlin, repeats the bland mantra: commencement is not an end, but rather a beginning that opens doors to the future. However, newly-minted Ph.D.s find these doors shut or leading […]

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Making Adjunct Faculty Part of the Family: One University’s Plan to Support and Reward Part-Timers

by Phyllis M. Frakt and James O. Castagnera Phyllis M. Frakt is vice president for academic affairs and provost at Rider University. James O. Castagnera is associate vice president for academic affairs and associate provost at Rider University. AS THE USE OF part-time faculty on the nation’s campuses continues to grow, so does national attention […]

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Understanding the New eLearning

by Kathryn Winograd LET’S BEGIN THIS WAY: imagine you have been asked to teach in a new kind of classroom. You are led to an open doorway where beyond there is only darkness. Before entering, you are given a pair of earplugs so that you can no longer hear anything around you. You are led […]

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